Is your Dream Story on track?

Take this assessment and find out!

You have big dreams and big plans for what you want to acheive in life, right? 

However, you may not be getting the traction necessary to make those dreams come true.  Perhaps it feels like something is holding you back but you don't know what it is.

This is exactly why I’ve created this Dream Story assessment.  In as little as 4 minutes you’ll not only get confirmation on the areas where you are on track and doing well, you’ll also pinpoint those areas that really need your attention in order create the abundance, ease and joy you want and deserve. 

But we won’t stop there. After taking this assessment/quiz, check your inbox right away. There you will find a summary of your results and some important next steps I’m suggesting you take based on where you are on your path to creating the success you desire.

0 = I haven't even started this yet.
4 = I've given this some attention.
7 = I'm doing really well here.
10 = I ROCK!

I. Vision, Mission and Purpose

1. I have a clear, compelling, written vision for both my life and my business.

2. I am clear what my calling is and how it is connected to my purpose.

3. I review my goals and vision daily to keep me focused and inspired.

4. I consistently create opportunities that are in alignment with my highest values.

II. Mindset and Beliefs

1. I have a strong belief in myself and my ability to achieve what I desire.

2. I am clear on my family "story" and how it impacts the actions I take.

3. I have strategies for moving out of a place of fear, disappointment or negativity.

4. I'm effective at eliminating procrastination, clutter and overwhelm on regular basis.

III. Confidence and Leadership

1. I know how to express who I am in a way that is authentic and genuine to me.

2. I am satisfied with how I show up as a leader in my business, career or profession.

3. I have a strong sense of both my limits and my boundaries.

4. I do not take it personally when I hear a no or an objection.

IV. Money and Abundance

1. I easily and consistently earn what I am worth.

2. I have a written plan that clearly defines my sources of income and projected revenues.

3. I am clear on my "money story" and how it effects my financial well being.

4. I have a list of things I do weekly and monthly to take care of my finances.

V. Your Commitment Level (0=not very committed, 10 - I am very committed

1. I am ready and willing to discover exactly what's been holding me back from the success I desire.

2. I am ready to invest to get the support I need to create the success I've always dreamed of.

3. If eligible, I am ready to schedule a complimentary Story Discovery Session right away.

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